Sunday, 23 May 2010

Keep Meeting Them

I keep running into magical folk on the marshes, maybe it attracts them ?

Yesterday while dog walking we ran into a little hobbit man ( even the hubby agreed ), amazing face so much so i had to restrain myself from asking to take his pic ! Guess not everyone would be flattered to hear you think they look like your vision of a hobbit even if meant as a compliment :0

Yesterday evening we came across a very smiley pixie type person sitting in the long marsh grass drawing and drinking wine, he just giggled when my dogs went to say hello. One of them is a Rottweiler Doberman cross and rather huge, not many can tell as quickly that she is a big playful softy which he wisely knew in an instant.

Today while in the middle of the marsh i heard this music. At firsti thought it may have been a lost cellphone, but on investigation spotted a young man in large sunhat sitting under a tree playing the flute. Made me want to go find a flute and join him.


  1. how magical, maybe the marshes do summon these interesting folks! i so love the idea of your living on a barge and having a barge studio. When i was a young teen i spent a magical time on such a boat and loved the sound of the water lapping as it lulled me off to sleep, and then chugging along at a snails pace, feeling at one with the world.

  2. Hi Ruthie :)

    Chugging along at a snails pace is my kind of speed :) It must have been wonderful to experience barge living so young, wish i had as think would have been a bit more adventurous ( i still cant drive the boats alone :o).The sound of water is soothing, love when it rains on the river.

  3. Thank you Shar!! I'm not to sure what I'll do with all of these... I thought of making coloring books (in fact going to copy some up and send them to a friend in Australia)
    : )Pattee

  4. Just found you....your blog is charming. I did not read the Hobbit until a few years ago.....and was totally smitten. So. of course then came Lord of the Rings and the rest. You are never to old to believe in hobbits or faireys.

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  6. Dear Shar
    How very magical! The young man with the flute would make a very good subject for a sculpture... Your work is just beautiufl..

    How very kind of you to visit Bebe's adventures.. I am so pleased she gave you a smile.. Still having trouble with my comments, yours vanished as soon as I hit the publish button.. I am sure it is flying around blogland maybe to return later.